Only One Ally

Only One Ally is a long-form narrative project I’ve been working on for some time. It is nowhere near complete and some of the most recent entries remain unfinished. In general, each entry documents significant days or moments in the life of John Fox, a young man living in a dystopian future in which economic collapse and resource scarcity have driven the world into a constant, degenerate state of war. Only One Ally focuses on John as he tries to find meaning and salvation in a world consumed by a lust for violence, greed, and power.

Please note: In order to get the full story, you must start with the first entry and work your way forward in time. View the first entry here.

  1. underscore33 said:

    where’s the first entry?

    • Thank you for your interest (though you’ve already read most of what I have online – except for the most recent entry, which is all new). The link above (bold, italic) takes you to the story. And if that doesn’t work, here’s the link to the first entry:

      I have a lot I need to put up. I’ve been looking for jobs and working on this blog, so the narrative has been neglected of late. We’ll see if I can get back in the groove, but I hope you’ve been enjoying my prose in the meantime. You should definitely be hosting a blog yourself.

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