Kodaline: All I Want


Kodaline, All I Want

Everyone feels like a lonely, awkward monster sometimes. The video for Kodaline’s “All I Want” has been around since last year and many have probably already seen it, but I recently revisited it and thought it worth mentioning here for a few reasons. 

For one, the song itself is extremely touching and emotional. Even without the excellent accompanying visuals and storytelling of the video, Kodaline knocks it out of the park with this epic anthem of love and longing. Google recently used it to great effect in their annual “search in review” video to look back at the most searched for and significant stories of 2012.

It’s been refreshing to watch the ascendance of celebratory, uplifting music like this in popular culture. From subdued beginnings, a rousing crescendo brings a wave of emotional gratification. Many artists seem to have studied what bands like Explosions in the Sky had quietly (or not so quietly) been doing for years and started applying it to their own work by embracing a more open sense of hopefulness. 

There’s one other aspect of the video that I love. Beyond the emotional content, the video perfectly captures the dichotomous tensions of modern working life. As I (and countless others) have experienced, working in an office can be overwhelmingly depressing. You are separated from all of the freeing hobbies and pleasures you’d prefer to pursue outside the cubicle walls because, well, you have to eat and that’s the modern world. Thankfully, this video reminds me that despite the many sad hours spent in a place I do not want to be, there is happiness waiting in the comfort of a loved one’s company.


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