The Girl Effect: The Clock Is Ticking

The Girl Effect, “The Clock Is Ticking”

Please take a moment to watch this video. I warn you, it is a tear-jerker (in a sad-yet-inspiring kind of way), but well worth your time.

I have seen many activist or artistic clips online which use simple text-based designs to get their point across, but none of them have been as poignant and heart-rending as this one. Combining a straight-forward narrative, easily-understood graphics, touching music, and a universally-appreciated message, this video focuses on the plight of millions of young girls around the world who live in poverty. The video was produced by the aid organization The Girl Effect, which is devoted to the empowerment of all people around the world, but especially disenfranchised young girls and adult women.

I understand that it may be overly optimistic – and some may say “cheap” – to look at a problem like global poverty or civil rights abuses and think that a stupid video can make any difference. But part of my mission in creating this blog is to bring forward perspectives on the world with which people in general may not be familiar. I don’t mean to sermonize or preach when I post content like this, but I do share it with the intention of hopefully inspiring some of my readers to expand their vision or take action.

I am by no means a paragon of humanitarian effort (the best I can muster is a monetary donation every now and then), but as I grow older and more secure in my life, I hope to be able to take up the call to serious service of my fellow man. I encourage everyone to get involved, and even if that involvement is simply to pass the video along to others who may appreciate it, that is definitely something. The only way to start to find solutions to problems like this is to at least start a conversation.


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