CA: 27-Year-Old ‘Doctor Who’ Fan with Terminal Brain Cancer Seeks TARDIS Urn for His Ashes

Comics Alliance, Laura Hudson, “27-Year-Old ‘Doctor Who’ Fan with Terminal Brain Cancer Seeks TARDIS Urn for His Ashes”

UPDATE (April 7th): Regretsy, the site to originally feature the request for the TARDIS urn, posted a follow-up about the results of the search and community outreach. It is incredibly heart-warming. Please check it out here to learn more: Regretsy, Helen Killer, “YOU ARE AWESOME.”

No one enjoys considering their impending death, especially no one who is young and in the prime of his or her life. I am not a fan of Dr. Who, but as an enormous fan of most everything science fiction and living to a ripe-old-age with my significant other, this story really touched me. It’s incredibly sad to read something like this, but worth the tears to be reminded of how fleeting – but sweet – life is and how important it is to make the best of every moment with those few people you find worth loving.

For all of my frustrations with my fellow man, the comments section of both the Comics Alliance story and the original Regretsy page are filled with thoughts that prove that sometimes humanity isn’t so bad. I wish it didn’t so often take death to bring us closer together and help each other out, but it’s a start.


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