CA: R.I.P. Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud (1938-2012)

Comics Alliance, Andy Khouri, ” R.I.P. Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud (1938-2012)”

Moebius’s Official Site

Quenched Consciousness

One of the most prolific and influential illustrators to have ever worked in comics and popular culture has died. I wasn’t familiar with his work until a few years ago, but Moebius’s images have come to mean a great deal to me, invaluable for their imagination and vision. The Comics Alliance article sums up his legacy far better than I can manage, so I strongly recommend reading through it – the final half of it is punctuated with a sequence of art that perfectly exemplifies exactly why he was such an effective visual storyteller. I’ve also included a link to Moebius’s official site, as well as to a fan’s site created with the intention of collecting Moebius’s art.

In addition to his work in graphic novels, Moebius’s creative endeavors inspired the look and feel of many of my most beloved science fiction films, including Blade Runner and Alien. Tekkon Kinkreet also springs to mind as a film (and comic) which counts Moebius among its inspirations. There are a great many popular illustrators working in the comics medium whose work I admire, but few whose art frees the mind quite like his. The use of consistent, clean lines establishes a solid sense of reality in his work, while unique -sometimes minimalist, sometimes extravagant – designs and perspectives infuse his creations with vibrancy. The level of detail and energy he includes in his work is at just the right amount, which I think reflects an exemplary artistic philosophy focused on illuminating that which is most important.

Needless to say, Moebius will be missed, but thankfully his legacy will be carried on and amplified by the artists and dreamers, both professional and amateur, he has inspired with his work.


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